Kendall Coffey on the Adam Matos Trial with Heather Hansen

In 2014 four people were killed in Hudson, FL. Adam Matos is currently on trial for all of the murders. He claims that it was in self-defense. On the Law & Crime Network, Heather Hansen and Kendall Coffey discussed the details of the trial.

Heather asked Coffey’s opinion on why the defense team didn’t fight for a charge less than first degree murder. Coffey said, “I think that’s hopeless”. Outsiders may think that the defense team should be fighting the guilty aspect of the case and trying to raise reasonable doubt, then if that fails move on to other options. Coffey doesn’t think that would have been realistic in this scenario and might have made things worse. For instance, one of the victims was allegedly found with her hands tied and her mouth duck tapped. It’s apparent the victim was murdered brutally and it wouldn’t have been wise to have something like that highlighted during the trial.