Finding the Best Cheap/Free Legal Advice For Your Business

free legal advice

If you’re a small business owner and you have one simple legal question, going to a lawyer and paying for a consultation might seem a bit like overkill. For those in such a situation, there are many online resources that provide very cheap (or sometimes completely free!) legal advice, so that you can forego a …

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Top Law Schools 2015

Top Law Schools

The decision to apply to law school is not an easy one. The application process is rigorous, the cost of attending law school is exorbitant, and in today’s economic climate, many law school graduates are faced with the additional challenge of finding work to help repay their academic debts. As Miami-based attorney Kendall Coffey points …

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The Impact of Technology on the Law

Kendall Coffey: Technology and the Legal Profession

Later this month, the Florida Bar will hold its Annual Convention in Boca Raton, in what will be a fantastic opportunity to gauge the pulse of the legal industry. This year’s Convention promises to place an emphasis on legal technology and innovation, which speak to the 2015 theme: “Charting a Course for the Future.” Legal …

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Seven Essential Books for Lawyers

Kendall Coffey: Law and the Courts

Whether you’re a prospective law student or a seasoned attorney, you’ll want to check out these books, which have heavily impacted the legal profession and are considered must reads for anyone who practices or desires to practice law.   Spinning the Law by Kendall Coffey   The American fascination with high profile legal cases is …

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