Kendall Coffey: Mueller’s Investigation May Lead to Potential Impeachment

Robert Mueller’s investigation has yet to allege, let alone prove collusion between Donald Trump’s campaign and the Russians in the 2016 campaign cycle. However, the allegation that Trump worked with one of his lawyers to violate a federal campaign finance law is the first significant accusation of a crime.

Kendall Coffey, a former U.S. attorney for the Southern District of Florida said, “Mueller’s final report draft will likely find that the president was implicated in a federal crime if the report finds any crime at all,”. Then he added, “What would Democrats do with that? A number are already running on a platform of impeachment.”

Coffey along with other lawyers are questioning if accusations of hush money given to a couple of women who say they had affairs with Donald Trump would qualify as violations of campaign finance law. The first allegation of an actual crime, like the campaign finance violation, could provide a political and legal template for members of Congress that are already anticipating impeaching Trump.