Kendall Coffey on Kavanaugh’s Impact on the George W. Bush Florida Vote Recount

News broke that Brett Kavanaugh was a Supreme Court Justice nominee and Kendall Coffey spoke with 7News to weigh in on some of Kavanaugh’s high profile South Florida cases.

After Kavanaugh lost the Elián González case he came back and scored a big win. One of Kavanaugh’s most notable wins was in 2000 when he represented George W. Bush while he was running for President of the United States. He and his team halted a Florida recount in the presidential election. Ultimately that led to George W. Bush winning the election and becoming the President of the United States.

Kendall Coffey added, “He was on the other side of recount litigation and he and his team did a brilliant job there too and of course George W. Bush became president.”

No dates have been set for any hearings, but the White House wants Kavanaugh to be confirmed by October 1st because it’s the start of the next Supreme Court session.