Kendall Coffey Represents Ugo Colombo in Fight Over $22 Million Bombardier Challenger

Design District developer Craig Robins and a big-name in Miami real estate, Ugo Colombo have been in a decade-long battle over a $22 million Bombardier Challenger.

The Third District Court of Appeal denied Robins’ petition after a lower court allowed Colombo to amend his lawsuit against Robins to seek punitive damages.

Kendall Coffey and Jeffrey Crockett both represented Colombo on appeal.

“The claim is that Craig Robins deceitfully conspired to harm Ugo Colombo, his partner. The trial court found that Colombo’s case presented a reasonable basis for the recovery of punitive
damages against Robins personally,” the attorneys said in an emailed statement. “Robins appealed this decision but lost and faces punitive damages in a jury trial.”

“Colombo’s counsel’s construction of the opinion is nonsense,” Richard responded. He declined further comment.

Robin’s motion for summary judgment on Colombo’s lawsuit was also denied.

“It appears from a review of the hearing transcript that petitioner decided to ‘keep his powder dry’ to await argument on his summary judgment motion that immediately followed,” the judge wrote, “believing that a favorable ruling on summary judgment would render moot respondents’ request to amend the complaint.”