Kendall Coffey Talks Brett Kavanaugh during the President Clinton Investigation

In an interview with NBC 6, Kendall Coffey had the opportunity to talk about his relationship with Brett Kavanaugh and some of the cases he’s worked on. One that came up was Kavanaugh’s role in the President Clinton investigation.

Jackie Nespral stated that thousands of pages have been given to the senate judiciary committee, then she asked what they’ll be looking for? Coffey believes they’ll be focusing all their attention on his role in the investigation of President Clinton. Kavanaugh wrote in so many words that trying to impeach President Clinton was a mistake. Coffey wonders if this will affect him as the Supreme Court Justice. Kavanaugh doesn’t think presidents should be tied up in civil lawsuits or criminal investigations and those were the exact things President Clinton were subjected to and are now being explored in terms of possibilities with respect to President Trump. Kavanaugh was one of the lead prosecutors in the President Clinton investigation, but years later he concluded that perhaps we should rethink this because it’s harmful to the country to have the President of the United States tied up with civil lawsuits and criminal cases.