Finding the Best Cheap/Free Legal Advice For Your Business

free legal advice

If you’re a small business owner and you have one simple legal question, going to a lawyer and paying for a consultation might seem a bit like overkill. For those in such a situation, there are many online resources that provide very cheap (or sometimes completely free!) legal advice, so that you can forego a …

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How Free Legal Advice Helps Startups, State, Everyone

UW Madison Law School established the Law & Entrepreneurship Clinic in 2009 with the idea of offering free legal advice to entrepreneurs throughout Wisconsin. A recent peek into their results has revealed that many of the clients that were advised by the clinic have moved on to big things. One of the beautiful things about …

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Misleading Small Business Legal Advice to Avoid

avoid misleading advice

Small business owners receive a lot of advice—solicited and otherwise—on many aspects of their business. However, not all of that advice is good advice. It is important to take the good advice and leave the bad, especially when it comes to legal issues. The following pieces of “advice” sound good in theory, but in practice …

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How Marketers Can Avoid Legal Trouble

internet marketing

When Internet marketers begin working on an ad campaign, there are a lot of things that they must consider: what will sell their product, how will they attract customers, and how will they actually pull an entire campaign together. In this maelstrom of planning, the thought of intellectual property laws can easily slip through the …

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The Supreme Court’s Decision on Marriage Equality

Just as the legacies of President Obama and Chief Justice Roberts have been further defined by the Supreme Court’s Obamacare decision, a place in history has been firmly established for Supreme  Court Justice Anthony Kennedy. Appointed by President Reagan to the Court in 1988, this generally conservative jurist has cast many  tie-breaking votes but none …

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Top Law Schools 2015

Top Law Schools

The decision to apply to law school is not an easy one. The application process is rigorous, the cost of attending law school is exorbitant, and in today’s economic climate, many law school graduates are faced with the additional challenge of finding work to help repay their academic debts. As Miami-based attorney Kendall Coffey points …

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