The Trial of James Comey: Kendall Coffey on What’s Next

Trial attorney Harmeet Dhillon and former U.S. attorney Kendall Coffey weigh in on James Comey’s actions. Comey feels like he was treated poorly by the President when he was fired in May 2017. Comey clearly committed a crime and doesn’t realize it. After every meeting with the president, Comey created a CYA memo. He gave several memos to a friend that would then give the memos to the press, which is technically a leak. But the Trump administration said it was getting rid of Comey because of the way he handled the Hillary Clinton email probe. Regarding a trial, Kendall doesn’t think they’re done collecting information yet. As he goes on his book tour attempting to monetize off of the situation, he’s going to say things that could backfire on him and the best way to a prosecution is a false statement.