Top Resources from the Florida Bar

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The Florida Bar is a guardian for the integrity of the legal profession; its duties include regulating, disciplining, and educating attorneys in Florida, where it serves as a specialized organization for the state’s legal professionals. The Florida Bar is the third largest bar association in the United States, and offers an abundance of resources for lawyers and paralegals, as well as the public. Members of the Florida Bar have access to articles, ethics opinions, mentorship programs, and more to encourage continual education within the legal field. Read on for some of the most vital resources offered by the Florida Bar:


The Florida Bar Practice Resource Institute

The Practice Resource Institute (PRI) was created to assist members dealing with all of the business and technical aspects of establishing, managing, merging or closing a professional practice. The PRI essentially offers resources to assist lawyers with all aspects of opening and maintaining a legal practice, from office technology management to effectively marketing one’s firm through social media, and everything in between.


Lawyers Advising Lawyers

Lawyers Advising Lawyers is a part of the Young Lawyers Division of the Florida Bar, and serves as a mentorship resource to new lawyers looking to consult with other attorneys. This service allows inexperienced lawyers to talk with an experienced attorney to learn more about a new area of law or simply what it takes to excel in the legal profession.


The Wm. Reece Smith Jr. Leadership Academy

According to the Florida Bar, the Leadership Academy is a multi-session training program designed to assist a diverse and inclusive group of lawyers in becoming better leaders within the legal profession. This resource enhances the leadership skills of all lawyers who partake in the intensive program, no matter what area of law they practice. Learn more about how to apply to this esteemed program here.


Ethics Opinions

The Florida Bar’s Ethics department works hard to help its members negotiate the complicated legal system, explains the organization. The Ethics Opinions section is a portion of the Florida Bar website that is dedicated to maintaining integrity among lawyers by granting them access to articles, Ethics Counsel announcements, and insights from legal professionals that pertain to ethics in the legal field. This resource is one of the things that makes the Florida Bar one of the most esteemed legal organizations in the country.


For more resources from the Florida Bar, visit the organization’s member services page.