The Supreme Court’s Decision on Marriage Equality

Just as the legacies of President Obama and Chief Justice Roberts have been further defined by the Supreme Court’s Obamacare decision, a place in history has been firmly established for Supreme  Court Justice Anthony Kennedy. Appointed by President Reagan to the Court in 1988, this generally conservative jurist has cast many  tie-breaking votes but none …

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Supreme Court Hears Brief About Florida’s Death Penalty

Electric Chair

Earlier this month, the American Bar Association filed an amicus brief asking the Supreme Court of the United States to overturn Florida’s law that allows juries to recommend the death penalty by a majority vote. According to the American Bar Association Journal, “The U.S. Supreme Court appeal concerns the case of Timothy Lee Hurst, a …

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Kendall Coffey: Is a Presumption of Innocence Possible in the Court of Public Opinion?

Kendall Coffey considers the presumption of innocence in the court of public opinion.

2014 was not a good year for comedian Bill Cosby. Cosby has faced myriad sexual assault allegations in the past, but by December 2014, no less than 33 women had come forward to accuse him of sexual misconduct. Of that number, only a few women have formally filed charges, but the highly public nature of …

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US vs. Zarabozo

WFOR CBS4 News with Gary Nelson Miami-Ft. Lauderdale Market 7/22/08 6:17 pm GARY NELSON: In federal court his attorneys have argued Zarabozo passed two lie detector tests and in this motion asked the judge to admit the polygraph evidence. But now federal prosecutors claim the defense has been less than truthful, failed to reveal that …

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TB Passenger

CNN HEADLINE NEWS WITH ROBIN MEADE 6/01/07 ROBIN MEADE: Do you see any passengers who traveled with this guy taking him to court especially if they catch TB? KENDALL COFFEY: Absolutely, and as a personal injury lawyer himself, he ought to know a lot better than this. If his act of getting on the plane …

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Twins Paternity

CNN HEADLINE NEWS WITH ERICA HILL 5/23/07 ERICA HILL: Can someone really be forced to pay child support without proof he is the father? KENDALL COFFEY: Well, what a year for strange paternity suits. We all remember the Anna Nicole Smith battle for Danielyn where DNA answered the questions once and for all. Here, we …

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Technology and the Internet

CNN HEADLINE NEWS WITH ERICA HILL 5/03/07 ERICA HILL: Do you think CBS is going to have to pay up? KENDALL COFFEY: Well, that’s certainly the argument Imus’s lawyers are going to make – “what do you expect from a Shock Jock.” Controversial, irreverent, you’ve got that and then more. CBS’s view is going to …

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Sean Bell

CNN HEADLINE NEWS WITH FREDRICKA WHITFIELD 3/17/07 FREDERICKA WHITFIELD: In this case, with these indictments, what needs to take place here to reassure New Yorkers that justice will prevail? KENDALL COFFEY: Well, I think we’ll find out Monday exactly what the charges are and what I think we’ll see is some very thoughtful well-reasoned charges …

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Anna Nicole Smith

CNN INTERVIEW ROBIN MEADE & COMPANY – 3/26/07 ROBIN MEADE: The medical examiner’s initial autopsy report was released one day after Smith died. How could this final report change based on the fact that they did have additional evidence though they didn’t say what that evidence was? KENDALL COFFEY: Well, they are looking at prescription …

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